Rainbow of Thanks

Your appreciation will be remembered for a long time when you say “thank you” in a big way with our “Rainbow of Thanks” bouquet. A big, clear latex balloon decorated with wild polka dots is stuffed with colorful smaller latex balloons to start off the fun. We then add three foil balloons that say “Thank You!” over a bright rainbow of colors. More bright and colorful latex balloons decorated with fun, wavy lines make sure you can see this bouquet a mile away!


$37.95 attached to a sand weight
$—— weight shown is currently unavailable
$46.90 attached to a mug filled with candy

Please note: If we are temporarily out of stock of a balloon or a base, an appropriate substitution will be made.

We use only the highest quality balloons (QUALATEX©) in all of our balloon arrangements. We also use a flight extender. While most bouquets begin to fall after only 12 hours, our bouquets typically last a week or more.