Over The Hill

Give a hint that he or she is getting older with our “Over the Hill” bouquet. We fill it with 3 (only 2 shown) black and 3 (only 2 shown) white polka-dot balloons and then add 2 foil “Over The Hill” balloons. Just a fun way to get the message across that the years are slipping by.


$34.95 attached to a sand weight
$34.95  attached to weight shown
$44.95 attached to a mug filled with candy

Please note: If we are temporarily out of stock of a balloon or a base, an appropriate substitution will be made.

We use only the highest quality balloons (QUALATEX©) in all of our balloon arrangements. We also use a flight extender. While most bouquets begin to fall after only 12 hours, our bouquets typically last a week or more.

Price: $34.95